Thursday, June 22, 2006

Learn Ruby/Rails with me

Ruby: A Programmer's Best Friend
I have been toying with the idea of teaching/learning Ruby/Rails on the net along with some students. Finally, some have agreed and I have decided to give it a go, starting Monday, 26th June 2006.

For those who are interested, you need to do the following:
(a) First, I shall send you all an invite to join the PuneRuby group. It's free.
(b) We shall start learning Ruby/Rails from Monday, 26th June 2006. I shall post everyday something about the same on this blog. You should check this blog atleast once a day and comment about your queries, questions, doubts. I shall answer them here only.
(c) To be able to comment on this blog, you need a blogger account (free).
(d) Go to
(f) On the next page, create your account. While doing so, please give your firstname+lastname as Display name. Complete the form.
(g) Kindly do all of this before this Sunday, 25th June 2006.

I assure you it's going to be fun all the way.
If you have any queries, please email me at

Assumption: I am assuming that each one of you would be knowing some programming language like C or Java or VB.

Update: 42 people have registered for learning Ruby/Rails with me.

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